West London Photographer

Lee-and-SigWears black all the time, hates sushi, always seems to have a pair of sunglasses on his head – even indoors…!

But if you’re asking about my photography I can tell you I’ve been shooting commercially for over a decade, with international clients as well as leading agencies in the UK for a wide range of projects.

Starting with food photography, I also quickly became known for for my portraiture and events work.  I was soon being brought in to shoot lavish parties for millionaires and billionaires – which was, and is still lots of fun.

Before long I was shooting campaign images and lifestyle projects for major blue chip organisations as well as print adverts in national magazines.  I relish taking a project brief and turning it into reality, with all the challenges each brings.

I love editorial projects, and the chance to meet interesting people.  It’s wonderful drawing out peoples’ personality and capturing it.  Along with corporate portraiture, product and music shoots you’ll find me happily photographing on location or in the studio – for small or larger scale works.

With a full compliment of Profoto lighting kit, wonderful cameras, more lenses than I can justify and a full post production suite, I enjoy the whole process of conception to completion.  I’d love to bring that to your next project.